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Coming into your own

Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) is a worldwide professional and personal leadership program for women who want to follow their heart and are ready to live an authentic and balanced life.

Our 4-day CIYO women’s retreat not only offers you the opportunity to slow down and recharge but also time for reflection and evaluation of what you would like the next chapter in your career and/or life to look like.
In addition this program offers you practical anchors and tips that you can implement upon return.

All of this within a circle of likeminded woman who have the desire to life their life from their feminine core and to the fullest potential whilst making a difference to the world we live in.

In this program we will be working with elements such as The four-quarter Leadership Archetypes, Appreciative inquiry, Storytelling, Systemic work, Bodywork en we will be leveraging the bigger ‘field of collective intelligence’ to create a unique and safe holding space.

Our next Women’s Leadership Retreat will be from March 22 – 26 in The Netherlands!

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Together we will…

  • Use a refined and proven process to unlock your potential from from four fundamental leadership stances.
  • Slow down to listen to our body’s intelligence(s).
  • Experience the power of a group of like-minded woman who support each other on the path of change.
  • Discover and appreciate the different lifestages of a woman.
  • See challenges in life as opportunity for growth and development.
  • Make time for inspiration, relaxation, creativity, music, dance, nature and tasty food.
  • Celebrate and enjoy in magical surroundings.

Do you find yourself asking one of the following questions?
If yes – then Coming Into Your Own is right for you!

  • I am considering travelling down a new path in my personal/professional life. Do I dare to follow my intuition and heart?
  • How do I stay true to my values and personal leadership style without losing myself in the culture in which I operate?
  • I am in need of some time out. What is needed to create more space and balance for myself?
  • How can I find more inspiration and more energy in my life?

The Leadership Archetypes

We help each person interface with the normal fray of life through four fundamental leadership stances and their associated practical applications. When these are fully inhabited, we have the inner resourcefulness to respond with assurance to just about anything. These stances access an ever-present field of creative possibility that underlies all difficult and stuck places.

The Place of Intuition is home to our emotional IQ, where reliable perceptions of critical non-physical factors inform us through our bodies. The ability to stand in another’s shoes, and our spontaneous playful selves reside here.

The Place of Truth is deeply rooted in the earth: practical and honest. Draws clear boundaries, assesses risk and voices what needs to be spoken.

The Place of Perspective is the dispassionate overview that can discern cycles and patterns, reframe problems, learn quickly and embrace complexity.

In The Place of Vision and Purpose one sees through surface disturbance to the benevolent and worthy essence of one’s own self the gifts of others. From here we maintain the sanctity of the core mission of all endeavors, and hold the continuity of past, present and future.



The CIYO program has grown from the personal needs of woman coming from various origins, who have their roots in International businesses as well as in different indigenous wisdom traditions from South Africa, North-America and Europe. It is co-founded by Barbara Cecil from The Ashland Institute.

It is specifically designed to bring feminine leadership, talent and embodied feminine presence into the public domain, corporate world and life’s business.

Over the last few decades woman of different ethnical backgrounds have experienced the Coming Into Your Own program as “life changing” and have connected to the dynamic of the growing International alumni community.

They continue to carry CIYO in an inclusive way in their own cultures to endorse a mindful evolution. Participants experienced the CIYO in four continents in Singapore, Marocco, North America, Dubai and many places in Europe such as France, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

Big corporations such as BP, The World Bank, Intel, Boeing, EDF, Carrefour, Cargill and Sodexo have encouraged female employees to participate in the CIYO.

Independent entrepreneurs, woman in public sector, artists, homemakers, and woman in transition have also experienced lasting benefits of this program.

Your CIYO guides

Polyglot Cécile Masson has been an independent entrepreneur for 20 years. She is the author of the novel ROSE, letters or love to life. As a refined mBIT trainer and coach and consultant, she helps to unfold your potential. She also has advisory functions. www.cecilemasson.com

Daniëlle Doeve is the owner of Hartskracht since 2010 and connects women with their life mission and authentic power through transformative coaching programs, leadership programs and systemic work. As HeartFire, she organizes concerts that open the heart. www.danielledoeve.com

Maija van Langendonck is kindly called an ‘Inclusion Amazon’. She has a passion for personal and cultural inclusion. Maija has held various commercial and strategic HR positions in a variety of companies and industries and currently works as a freelance Inclusion – Culture and Change Steward and fashions creative compositions and words.

Zij delen hun ervaring

Bianka Stege,
Director Education & Society, EU region British Council

CIYO is a journey to wholeness under the guidance of three unique coaches. Together they form a whole, each giving a specific input. This retreat brought a lot to me; I learned among other things from my own female strength to take my leadership position and to be able to lead from my own energy and values rather than from control. Wonderful to experience how the power of women can help you become who you are.

Nicolien Joosen
HR Director – Cargill

“Grounding myself in my values and growing in self-confidence to lead from those values in order to create the impact is what I was looking for. Joining the retreat means you are touching your field of potential and that your power as female leader can be released when you walk out of the retreat. For every woman that feels the need to grow in her leadership journey, the CIYO Leadership retreat is a true blessing. If you would like to hear more I would encourage you to reach out to one of the facilitators to explore how this experience can become part of your journey!”

Women should show up in all their blessed femininity.

Cecile Masson, Author ROSE, Letters of Love to Life.

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